Soil Analysis

To Measure the sustainability you need to know your soil. Soil is the primary resource of agriculture. Soil is alive and housed by an ecosystem that supplies the plant with vital subsistence. We offer full soil analysis through our various partners within the industry.

Soil Preparation 

With quality products and efficient methods, we equip our customers to achieve higher yields while reducing input costs. Through our broad network within this sector, we can also assist with soil health, plant health, water usage and electricity usage.

Water Detection

We make use of only the best water detectors in the field. Finding the right drilling spot is essential. We find water 90% of the time by reading the landscape and finding possible cracks where underground water usually are found. We rely on experienced geologists assisting us to provide our customers the best possible chance of finding water.

Borehole Drilling 

Agri Procurement is proudly in partnership with RPM Drilling. The industry leader in boreholes and go to company in Western Cape.  Established 1984, RPM Drilling has more than 30 years of drilling experience within the company. RPM Drilling together with Agri Procurement service most government departments in Western Cape.

Borehole Pump Installation

We supply and install submersible borehole pumps throughout Western Cape. We have highly trained and experienced personnel doing all our installations. We can supply both imported and local manufactured borehole pumps.

Irrigation Systems

We supply quality irrigation systems that meets your every need. We can assist in design and supply of various irrigation equipment.

Partnered with quality manufacturers we offer very competitive pricing that suits your pocket.